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Headers made by me (iulieki). Credit is not necessary, I just ask that you do not repost, edit, or take credit for them. I can edit them if you need.

alive with closed eyes
700 x 300 px

750 x 260 px

bjork alternate
750 x 260 px

They're not much, but I'd appreciate it if you would please credit iulieki @ livejournal in the icon's comments or keywords when using these. Please don't hotlink or edit them, I'll be happy to edit them if you ask.

icon icon icon icon
icon icon icon icon
icon icon

If you have fanart (icons, wallpapers, anything) that you'd like to share here, and I'll gladly put them up. Be sure to let me know how you'd like to be credited.


Textures used in the layout are from Hybrid-Genesis, Discolore and Trextures. Image used is from

Layout and coding are all mine. The site is 100% a fansite and not affiliated with Bjork, One Little Indian, or this album in any way.